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Coming Together in our Expansion of Consciousness

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We are rapidly expanding our consciousness and awakening to who we really are, as spiritual beings living in a great shifting on Earth. It is a liberating and amazing experience, but it can also be a lonely one, especially if not everyone in your life understands what you are going through.

We are experiencing a great time of transition as we move into an age of unity and of connection with each other and with all life on Earth. But we are still in a rocky period. Many of us are seeing through the illusions of the reality that we once believed to be true, and that can be an incredible process. We see how our renewed purposes are to share love as much as we can. But it can be challenging when not everyone around us is going through what we are.

How can we reconcile living in these two different worlds? How can we stay aligned with our true selves, quieting our mind when we can, trusting our higher guidance to help us along the way? Even more importantly, how can we support one another in this exciting time, one of great transformation but also with uncertainty?

This is a supportive community aptly called The Soulful Work Community. We meet monthly, both virtually and in-person on varying weekday evenings.

Some of the topics we discuss are how we can:

  • develop and enhance our intuitive abilities by practicing quieting our minds and working with light in our bodies
  • expand our abilities to hear, see and feel guidance from our Divine guides.
  • process negative emotions that hold us back from living our soul purposes in our lives
  • tap into archangel energy to heal and transform us in any small moment in our lives
  • integrate consciousness and love into small moments of our everyday lives
  • learn about new healing modalities together to share our gifts with the world
  • practice sharing our intuitive and healing gifts with each other
  • co-create our new Earth by raising our personal and collective vibrations through meditation, invocations and our own higher guidance

There will also be an online platform with resources Rachel creates (guided meditations, writing tools, etc) for you to access on Teachable.com.

An overview of the Soulful Work Community:

  • Monthly gatherings of all members, in-person and virtually*. We meet twice a month total (once in-person, once virtually for a guided meditation). Each gathering revolves around learning together about various healing modalities (including guest presenters), meditation and practicing our own healing/intuitive gifts with each other! Past workshops have included themes around Forest Therapy, Angel Communication, Messages of Flowers, the Akashic Records, Qi Gong, Laughter Yoga and more!
  • Kinship and support from your new friends/members who likely resonate with what you're experiencing
  • Live guided meditations each month of 20-30 minutes in length on themes like light expansion, guardian angels, shedding Ego layers
  • Videos from me - on topics like processing negative emotions, accessing your intuition or raising our collective vibration
  • New interviews on my podcast, The Courageous Path, of people doing inspiring and brave work in their own lives
  • Written tools and handouts to help work through layers of Ego, work through negative emotions, connect with higher guidance
  • A private Facebook community to share ideas, get support from and make new friends with other like-minded souls
  • Discounts to other offerings of mine (live/virtual workshops and online courses)

This is designed to be an ongoing membership, but you can cancel at anytime! You can choose from a few different options to join The Soulful Work Community based on what you want, and where you live.

  • Virtual Only*: a live virtual guided meditation (audio-only) on Zoom videoconference for 30 minutes each month and live-streamed participation in the In-Person Gatherings. $10 per month.
  • In-Person and Virtual: monthly gatherings for an hour and a half on varying weekday evenings and you can also participate in the virtual guided meditation each month. Offered in-person at Sage Wellness in Portland, Maine (and outdoors at a "secret park" sometimes too). $20 per month. *Please note the in-person gatherings are designed to be intimate, with a maximum of 15-20 people at a time.

Important Note: If you are really struggling in your life, the Soulful Work Community is meant to be a community of shared learning, practice as healers/intuitives, spiritual awakening and consciousness expansion, a place to connect with other people who see reality in the way you do. It is not meant to be provide therapeutic support.

I look forward to seeing you! As part of our new age of connection to our spiritual selves, to the Earth and to each other in an energetic web of life, we must come together as expanding souls. May we be led forth with light, love and so much joy!

What Soulful Work Community members are saying:

"A grateful thank you to you, Rachel, and to the Soulful Work Community that you have birthed. After meeting once and connecting with our Facebook group, I am feeling loved, supported, encouraged and held. I have been very aware, each morning as I committed to, of my intentions for the day. I am so grateful for your guided meditation, Rachel, and the teaching on protecting and clearing my energy..." - J.T.

"You really do get me and how refreshing is that! I believe we all need a checkpoint in our evolution and that is what you have become for me. I know my path is in this direction and everything is seeming to flow so easily! I thank you for sharing with me some of the outlets you have discovered. I hope to some day be able to offer value to you in your world as well." - R.N.

"It is an honor for me to have some of your time. I always enjoy seeing you and listening to your ideas. You are expanding me toward something a little different from what I have been, and it seems all positive to me at this point. Lots of people are noticing that there is something different about me... I do totally trust you as an honest, smart, and loving person trying to improve this world. You have your work cut out for you." - W.J.

"Prior to coming to Rachel, I was convinced I was about to be divorced for my 2nd time. My life was filled with stress, yelling and tears. I was physically ill and unable to run my business. After my time with Rachel, I am happy to say my marriage is better than ever, I am feeling physically better and have started a new business! I could not have accomplished any of that without Rachel's help teaching me to quiet my mind and add meditation to find peace and have a grateful heart. Rachel does transform lives!" - C.H.

Your Instructor


A spiritual seeker, intuitive coach, hypnotherapist and writer, Rachel Horton White helps you uncover your unique soul gifts by supporting you in breaking subconscious patterns, releasing old fears and tapping into your innate intuition to guide you boldly forward through her work in Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting. Along with intuitive guidance sessions, Rachel offers workshops, live and online classes, The Courageous Path podcast and meditation classes. With a former career in social services/non-profit management, Rachel has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Wellesley College and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Georgia, and has taught American Government at a community college in Maine. She claims her true education came from studying abroad in Dakar, Senegal and teaching English in Guadalajara, Mexico. Rachel is an Akashic Records and Tarot reader, yogi and literal tree-hugger. Her most important and blessed roles of all came as wife to her soul partner and mother to two energetic, bright-eyed, young children right outside Portland, Maine. Rachel works toward a vision of a world with people aligned with who they really are, listening to their own inner wisdom and sharing love with each other, with animals and with the planet for our collective healing and evolved consciousness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does this membership start and end?
You can stay in the Soulful Work Community for as long as you like (as long as it exists!0
How much is this membership per month?
This is designed to be an affordable option for you. Prices are $10/month for a virtual membership and $20/month for an in-person/virtual membership.
What if I want to cancel my membership?
You can cancel anytime! We hope you stay though!
How does the membership work?
We will meet monthly in-person, live-streamed. The format will be the same for each gathering. there will be a short teaching on a topic, lead you in a guided meditation, and then we will share our thoughts on a particular topic. You get unlimited access to the Soulful Work Community platform on Teachable.com, where all of the videos, guided meditations, handouts, etc. will be available. You have the option to join the Facebook community if you like (and we hope you do!). You’ll also receive periodic discounts to events/workshops/courses.
I live in Maine but am not sure if I want to do the virtual or in-person option.
Nothing beats an in-person gathering. The energy generated in a group is powerful! Plus, you’ll meet like-minded souls who may become life-long friends! But if you like the option of connecting with others from your own home, then virtual might make the most sense for you!
When will the monthly gatherings be held?
The monthly gatherings generally occur on Thursday evenings. Times for our gatherings are Eastern Standard Time (6-7:30 pm for in-person and 7-8 pm EST for the virtual guided meditations. The live gatherings are recorded so you can watch them later if you miss one!
I have a unique individual situation and not sure where to go or if this membership will meet my needs.
Please reach out to me (Rachel) individually ([email protected]). I will be most happy to help guide you to an option that might work best for you!

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